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Friendships, family, love & laughter….

With life being so busy its easy to forget all the simple things that make life such a big deal…

Shannon has an ability and style that capture’s your pregnancy journey, the raw emotion’s at your birth, the essence of your tribe or just plain crazy love in a way that you will remember for a lifetime with stunning images that will make you smile.

Simple, natural and candid are what makes your families perfect photograph

All you need to know about your pregnancy or portrait sessions.


To capture your personality best, it’s important that you’re comfortable.

Wear clothes that enhance your bump and make you feel beautiful.

If you’re comfortable, the shoot may be done semi nude, I’ll make sure you’re covered with lovely materials and flattering lighting.

Bring along jewellery, beads, scarfs, Kimonos and any baby products you might like to capture.

If you have your ultra sound images bring them along too.


When making your appointment, consider what time your baby is at their best.

Newborns are best photographed within the first 10 days if possible.

This is because they are still womb like all curled up and sleepy.

Try and time it just after a feed so that they are nice and milk drunk!

If its all not going to plan which can happen don’t stress I allow extra time on newborn shoots for feeds and settling otherwise we can still go ahead if your baby is awake.

Bring along the things that you love that will help to enhance the photos.

Accessories like beanies, hoodies, wraps, blankets, head pieces, hats and jewellery will really add to the shoot.

Shannon Elise Photography utilises a variety of natural props and accessories that will compliment your newborns character.


Within your family there are different personalities which I like to capture, keep that in mind when dressing everyone so that their individual style stands out.

Wear clothes that you’re comfortable in, The secret is to keep it simple – smart casual works well.

Just steer clear of any big logos or too many patterns. I can help suggest colours, locations and inspiration to help make your shoot amazing.

Think about your shoot location, e.g. if you’re on the beach wear shoes that you can kick off easily.

I love creating fun and unique photoshoots where it brings out your family/baby/kids personality. As part of the package, I will spend time with you discussing your ideas and what you would like to incorporate in the session.

Things you may want to know…

How much are your sessions?

You can contact us by the booking form and we can send you all the info about pricing and whats included.

How many images do you take?

Sessions are unlimited & you will receive all the combinations, therefore you receive a variety of images.

Once I am happy with what I have it’s a wrap.

You usually receive a min of +50 images depending on how many people in the shoot etc.

Do you retouch the images?

Yes. The images are retouched in a very natural way.

What if my baby/children are not feeling it on the day?

That’s ok and it can happen, That’s why it’s important to choose your session time when your baby/children are at their happiest!

I have two children and I know exactly how unpredictable they can be, don’t stress its very rare that I don’t get the shots but if all fails we can arrange to reshoot on a different day. No problem!

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. I only work by appointment. You can use the booking form.

How do I view my images and when do I receive my order?

Two weeks after the session you will receive an email link to your on line viewing gallery.

This is where you view, choose your enlargements , any extra prints or products.

Please allow one week from placing your order for retouching, printing and preparing your images, prints and USB.

Once your order is complete it can be posted out to you or you may pick it up.

*Please note postage fees apply.

Where are the photographs taken?

There are plenty of location options, it really depends on the style of shoot that you’re after. There are local beaches and parks that we can take advantage of, plus I’m familiar with a number of landmark buildings that look fantastic in photo shoots.

Indoor shoots can be taken in the comfort of your own home where it creates a relaxed photoshoot. It also allows me to include your surroundings and personal style.

If it happens that you would prefer a studio style I also have a home studio that we can use with both natural light and studio lighting and plain backdrops.

How long does a session take?

I recommend allowing one hour for the session. However, I’ll work as quickly as I can so that the babies, children (and dads!), don’t lose interest.

Please allow one – two hours for newborns as a feed in between the shoot may be required.

When should I book my pregnancy session in?

Every women is different and so are the bumps!

I generally recommend booking your pregnancy shoot somewhere between 28-36 weeks, depending on how you’re feeling.

I don’t recommend scheduling a session after 36 weeks as you will want to feel comfortable standing, posing and sitting for long periods of time. Plus, you never know when your baby will make an appearance!

What is the best age to take photos?

All ages! There is no “right” age as such, it depends on what you were after.

If you would like those beautiful black & white, bare skin newborn shots, then I recommend within the first 10 days.

Newborns loose their womb-like behaviour in the first few weeks, which is when we want them all sleepy and curly!

So keep this is mind when making your appointment.

If you would like to capture the smiles and have a little more interaction with the camera, then 6 months plus.

For the shots that are really cheeky and bursting with character, anywhere from 12 months.

Do you photograph anything else besides pregnancy, newborns, babies and families?

Yes I do. Commercial, real estate, functions and styled shoots.

Gift Vouchers

Photo’s are a gift that last a lifetime and a Shannon Elise Photography gift voucher makes the perfect present. Whether its for your mum’s birthday, father’s day, mother’s day, your first pregnancy, capturing your new baby or before the kids lose all their teeth what ever your budget may be.

Shannon is happy to help schools, charities and other events where they can use the vouchers to raise money towards their cause.

Photography Gift Registry

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if your family & friends could add dollar value to a gift registry for your photography session, that way you can purchase the extra album or a canvas. Call the studio to arrange your gift registry, it makes a perfect present for a baby shower or engagement present.

Have a question that’s not listed here? Feel free to fill in the contact form and I’d be happy to help!